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Official Association for Students of Information Science (OASIS)

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The Official Association for Students of Information Science (OASIS) is one of the newest student organizations in the School of Computing and Information, as well as the primary student organization in the department. OASIS is open to all undergraduate students who are majoring in Information Science, a related area, or who just have an interest in learning more about IS. OASIS works to connect students with one another and alumni, in order to empower members with a social and professional network that will set them up for success. Members can use their connections with each other to navigate through SCI and the DINS curriculum and enhance their social circle while at Pitt. OASIS hosts many exciting and beneficial events throughout the term. Our most popular meetings, named "A Day in the Life," brings in a professional working in the IT industry who shares what a typical day in their career looks like. OASIS has also hosted a recruiter from UPMC who individually reviewed members' resumes. While most of the events OASIS holds are based on promoting professional development, a range of social meetings also take place in order to strengthen membership. Our most popular social events have been game nights, movie nights, and hangouts (all virtual thus far, of course). OASIS would love to have you as a member so you can experience all the advantages and events we have to offer. If you would like to join or learn more, please email