Spring 2023 DINS Student Awards & Applications

Spring Term 2023 Awards -- How to apply and selection criteria

The Department of Informatics and Networked Systems is pleased to announce that we have several opportunities for you to secure awards to help pay for your tuition and other university-related expenses! 


  • Easy to apply...our awards are administered through PittFund$Me, an online portal to search and apply for scholarships and awards. Applications for our DINS Awards are easy to complete and submit.
  • Easy to accept -- if selected for one of the awards, the funds will be directly (and quickly) deposited into your student account!
  • Easy access to many Opportunities -- by using PittFund$Me, you have access to scholarships and awards beyond just those offered by the Department.
  • Diverse opportunities -- There are award opportunties for students at all levels -- undergraduate and graduate!

Here are instructions to locate and apply to our scholarships/awards -- SCI Scholarship Application Instructions.


A committee of DINS faculty/administrators will review applications for each of the awards noted below. The Department has crafted "Selection Criteria" to guide the selection of winners for each award in Spring 2023, as described below. Please note that these selection criteria were designed to meet the intent of the creators of (and donors to) each of the supporting funds, and that such selection criteria are subject to change in future years. It is possible that no awards may be made, if applicants do not meet the required and preferred criteria.

 Below, you can see the awards that have open applications and their eligibility criteria.

List of DINS Student Awards Open in Spring 2023

Eligible Programs -- Must be currently enrolled in specified program Award Name Award Amount Number of Awards Proposed for Spring 2023 Committee's Selection Criteria for Spring 2023
(Preference will be given to applicants who match the selection criteria)
BSIS Ida Flynn Award $4000 2 Required: have applied for graduation in Spring Term 2023.
Preference given to students who:
* provide evidence of academic excellence (GPA, Honors, Publications);
* self-identify as being from an underrepresented group;
* have successfully completed a capstone experience or Independent Study course;
* show a committment to bettering the SCI/Pitt/Pittsburgh community through volunteerism.
BSIS PPG Industries Award $1250 1 Preference given to students who:
* self-identify as being from an underrepresented group;
* have successfully completed a corporate internship
* have successfully completed a project with corporate partners (through a capstone project)
MSIS James G. Williams Award $1250 1 Preference given to students who have held leadership positions within Department/School/University student organizations
MSIS Mitchell Family Scholarship $3000 1 Preference given to students who:
* graduated from an undergraduate program in SCI;
* currently accepted to (or enrolled in) the MSIS program
* self-identify as being from an underrepresented group


Anthony Debons Scholarship $500  1 Preference given to students who:
* provide evidence of academic excellence (GPA, Honors, Publications).
* have participated in service to the MSIS program, DINS, SCI, or the professions. For example, served as a peer tutor, joined a school-wide organization, or attended a conference related to the Information Sciences.
MST K. Leon Montgomery Award $1250 1 Preference given to students who:
* provide evidence of academic excellence (GPA, Honors, Publications)
* submit a letter of recommendation from a DINS faculty member (send to DINS)
* participated in professional or school student groups (for example, Pitt's student chapter of IEEE)
MST Fritz Froehlich Award $500 1 Preference will be given to students who have served in a leadership position with one of the Department's or School's student organizations. Could also include examples of participation such as being involved with iServes or volunteered for IEEE conferences.


Questions? Email us at: dins-info@pitt.edu