Current Research Grants

List of Recent Research Grants

Title Faculty Agency
From Data Literacy to Collective Data Stewardship: Technology-Supported Community-Driven Solutions for Urban Youth (link) Rosta Farzan (PI) NSF
RAPID: Quantifying Hyperlocal Digital Equity: A Path to Supporting Digital Participation (link) Rosta Farzan (PI) NSF
RAPID: Understanding and Enhancing Internet Connectivity of Underserved Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis (link) Konstantinos Pelechrinis (PI)  NSF
RAPID: Countering COVID-19 Misinformation via Situation-Aware Visually Informed Treatment (link) Yu-Ru Lin (PI) NSF
Blockchain-based Mechanisms for Timed Data Release and Timed Transactions (link) Balaji Palanisamy (PI) NSF
Tracking Horizontal Inequalities Across Dimensions to Forecast and Understand Instability (TrIAD) (link) Vladimir Zadorozhny (co-PI) NSF
Creating a Visionary, Interdisciplinary, and Transformational National Center for Spectrum and Wireless Systems Research (link) Martin Weiss (co-PI) NSF
CSEdPad: Investigating and Scaffolding Students' Mental Models during Computer Programming Tasks to Improve Learning, Engagement, and Retention (link) Peter Brusilovsky (PI) NSF
Trustworthy Human Interaction with Robotic Swarms Mike Lewis (PI) Air Force Office of Scientific Research