Hassan Karimi

  • Professor

Institution of Highest Degree

  • University of Calgary, Ph.D.

Representative Publications

Gharani, P and Karimi, HA (2017) Context-aware obstacle detection for navigation by visually impaired. Image and Vision Computing, 64. 103 - 115. ISSN 0262-8856

Hashemi, M and Karimi, HA (2017) Collaborative personalized multi-criteria wayfinding for wheelchair users in outdoors. Transactions in GIS, 21 (4). 782 - 795. ISSN 1361-1682

Guo, QL and Karimi, HA (2017) A novel methodology for prediction of spatial-temporal activities using latent features. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 62. 74 - 85. ISSN 0198-9715

Karimi, Bobak and Karimi, Hassan A. (2017) An Automated Method for the Detection of Topographic Patterns at Tectonic Boundaries. In: The Ninth International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications (PATTERNS2017), 19 February 2017 - 23 February 2017, Athens, Greece.

Research Interests

Computational Geometry
Machine Learning
Location-Based Services
Navigation Applications
Mobile Computing
Geospatial Information Systems
Distributed/Parallel Computing