Amy Babay

  • Assistant Professor
  • (joint appointment with Computer Science)

Dr. Babay joined DINS in 2019. Her general research interests are in distributed systems and networking. Dependability is a major theme of her work: as our world grows more connected and complex, making sure that the distributed systems that power so many aspects of our lives today are always available and working as expected becomes more and more crucial. She is especially interested in how we can ensure that the critical infrastructure systems our society relies on are resilient to failures and attacks.

Institution of Highest Degree

  • Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. in Computer Science (2018)

Representative Publications

Amy Babay, John Schultz, Thomas Tantillo, Samuel Beckley, Eamon Jordan, Kevin Ruddell, Kevin Jordan, and Yair Amir, "Deploying Intrusion-Tolerant SCADA for the Power Grid," IEEE/IFIP DSN, 2019.

Amy Babay, Michael Dinitz, and Zeyu Zhang, "Characterizing Demand Graphs for (Fixed-Parameter) Shallow-Light Steiner Network," IARCS FSTTCS 2018.

Research Interests

Dr. Babay's general research interests are in distributed systems and networking, with particular interests in building dependable critical infrastructure systems and enabling new internet services with demanding performance requirements. She is also interested in exploring how technology interacts with community resilience.