DINS is committed to outreach to the community, our alumni, and the tenets of diversity and inclusion. We boast of the largest professional graduate program (the MSIS) at Pitt in the last few years, comprised of international students from Ecuador to China. We have supported innovative programs like the iSchool Inclusion Institute (see below). We work with communities in South Western PA. We have courses that meet the College in High School program. 

iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3)

The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is an undergraduate research and leadership development program that prepares students from underrepresented populations for graduate study and careers in the information sciences. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year to become i3 Scholars. Those students undertake a yearlong experience that includes two summer institutes hosted by SCI and a research project spanning the year. i3 prepares students for the rigors of graduate study and serves as a pipeline for i3 Scholars into internationally recognized information schools—the iSchools. Most importantly, i3 empowers students to create change and make an impact on the people around them.

College in High School Program (CHS)

DINS supports Pitt's College in High School program. The College in High School Program offers high school students access to the University of Pittsburgh’s rigorous coursework while earning college credit at a fraction of the cost. Find the INFSCI classes that DINS offers as part of CHS.

Working with the Community

Our faculty work with the community in many different ways. We engage with Pitt's Community Engagement Center and also in matters of public and social good with PittCyber (e.g., in areas related to the impact of algorithms on the community).