Jennifer & Eric Spiegel Technology and Communications Award

    The Department of Informatics and Networked Systems (DINS) has an annual competition for the Jennifer and Eric Spiegel Award, which will recognize a student in the BSIS major for excellence in writing a paper addressing a problem or leading-edge topic focused on how information, technology, and networks impact humans and society. The paper should address the chosen topic from the perspective of the Department’s focus on the integration and intersection of technology, data, networks, and people. The Department is grateful for the generosity of Jennifer (A&S ‘88) and Eric (BSIS '88) Spiegel who have enthusiastically supported BSIS students with this award for many years. 



2021: Alysa Dinh for the paper titled "The Effect of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps."

2022: Jennifer Chen for the paper titled "Racial Bias in Facial Recognition Software."