The Department of Informatics and Networked Systems is enhancing the flexibility of the Master of Science in Telecommunications degree to better suit the identity of the department and accommodate rapid changes in technology that are influencing the Telecommunications industry. Telecommunications now relies upon data analytics, machine learning, and information processing and how networks can serve humans – for example by enabling surgeons to perform remote surgery with low latency 5G networks.

MST Degree Requirements

Foundations (6 credits – required)

  • TELCOM 2120 Network Performance
  • TELCOM 2810 Information Security and Privacy

Cognitive (6 credits)

  • Recommended Classes
    • INFSCI 2300 Human Information Processing
    • INFSCI 2350 Human Factors in Systems
    • INFSCI 2470 Interactive System Design

Systems (24 credits)

  • Two of the following four classes required
    • TELCOM 2310 Computer Networks
    • TELCOM 2700 Wireless Networks
    • TELCOM 2010 Computer Networking Lab
    • TELCOM 2100 Fundamentals of Telecommunications
  • 6 Electives – Recommended Classes (students can also take other INFSCI Systems and Technology classes or from the above list of four classes)
    • TELCOM 2820 Cryptography
    • TELCOM 2821 Network Security
    • TELCOM 2825 Information Systems and Infrastructure Protection
    • INFSCI 2710 Database Management
    • INFSCI 2725 Data Analytics
    • INFSCI 2750 Cloud Computing
    • INFSCI 2595 Machine Learning
    • TELCOM 2326 Advanced Topics in Database Management

Telecom Seminar (1 Credit)

Statute of Limitations

The Master’s Degree program must be completed within four years of the first term in which courses were taken after admission. The normal full-time course load is 9 to 12 credits per term; thus, a full-time student will complete the program in three or four terms. The normal part-time course load is 6 credits per term, which permits the part-time students to complete the program in six terms. The faculty, in response to a student petition, must approve exceptions to the four-year limit if extenuating circumstances exist.

Registration and Residence Requirements

To maintain active student status, students must register for at least 3 credits during one of the three terms of the calendar year. It is recommended, however, that part-time students register for at least 6 credits during two of the three terms of the academic year to maintain reasonable progress through the program.

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