The Cool Stuff We Do

DINS is the home for research, education, outreach, service, and inclusion. We have a long history of working with our local community. Our faculty have written books, are editors of prestigious journals, and have been funded by federal agencies and eminent foundations. Our students have gone on to become industry and academic leaders. Our current students do amazing things like participate in hackathons, innovation challenges, and win best papers awards. Here are a sample of the cool things we have done and continue to do.

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Job sector “Connectedness” makes cities “Resilient”

Learn how Morgan Frank, Assistant Professor in DINS has been investigating the resilience of labor markets in cities across the country.

Theory of Mind: Can a machine think like a 6 year old?

Prof. Mike Lewis of DINS investigates this problem in the context of human-agent teams in his DARPA ASIST project. 

When Disaster is Compounded by Cybersecurity Attacks...

Learn more about Dr. Amy Babay's project investigating mitigation of compound threats to critical infrastructure systems, where damage due to a natural disaster is compounded by opportunistic cyberattacks.

Promoting Cybersecurity Hands-on Education

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim of DINS has engaged in outreach in several ways to promote hands-on cybersecurity skills, especially ethical hacking of WiFi.