Ph.D. in Information Science - Telecommunications Focus

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Information Science with a concentration in Telecommunications enables students to engage in independent, high-quality research and teaching. It provides research-oriented graduate study and professional specialization in telecommunications and emphasizes both scholarly and applied research. To earn a PhD degree, a student must demonstrate breadth of knowledge, give evidence of superior scholarship and mastery of a specialized field, and must demonstrate his/her ability to do significant and relevant research. In addition, the student must conceive, write and defend a PhD dissertation representing a significant and original contribution to current academic research as demonstrated by a public dissertation defense and publication in established peer-reviewed academic conferences and/or journals.

A minimum of 48 credits beyond a Masters degree is required. Exceptional students with a technical Bachelor’s degree may be admitted on occasion and, in such cases, a minimum of 72 credits beyond the baccalaureate degree is required. Included in these credits are graduate and seminar credits beyond the master’s degree or its equivalent and at least 18 dissertation credits. While these are minimum credit requirements, a PhD student may be required to take more credits of coursework to satisfy the breadth and depth required to successfully complete their dissertation. During the first or second term of study, and in preparation for the preliminary examination, all PhD students must attend a PhD orientation session (a two‐hour review of the requirements for the PhD degree).

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Plan of Study

A candidate for the PhD should have broad knowledge of the field of telecommunications as well as a specialization in the area of major interest. Every candidate should have, in addition, a strong background in research methodologies.

A plan of study should be designed by the advisor and student as early as possible after admission. A copy of the plan of study must be on file in the student’s folder and should be consulted during each registration period.

Statute of Limitations

All requirements for the PhD degree must be completed in no more than six calendar years from the time of first registration. Students may, in extenuating circumstances, submit a formal request for extension of their statute of limitations or for a leave of absence from the program.