BSIS Pathways

Students must take 5 upper-level electives to satisfy the requirements of the IS major. Students can mix and match classes from a variety of areas to get a broad perspective of information science. For example, by taking INFSCI 1620: Advanced Security, INFSCI 1470: Immersive Media Technologies and INFSCI 1530: Data Mining, students can get an appreciation of using data for decision making, while accounting for security challenges and solutions with emerging technologies like VR/XR/AR and how humans use them.

It is also possible for students to pick focussed Cybersecurity, UX, Information Systems, or Data-centric pathways as shown below.

Illustration of foundational classes and required classes in the IS major leading to the pathways

Recommended Electives for Pathways

Cybersecurity Pathway: INFSCI 1620: Advanced SecurityINFSCI 1630: Communication Networks, INFSCI 1640: Wireless Networks, INFSCI 1690: Cloud ComputingINFSCI 1670: Security Management and Computer Forensics. Students may be able to take graduate classes such as INFSCI 2170: Cryptography with advisor and instructor permission.

UX Pathway: INFSCI 1420: User Centered Design, INFSCI 1570: Network and Web Data TechnologiesINFSCI 1430: User Experience EngineeringINFSCI 1450: Game Design, INFSCI 1470: Immersive Media

Information Systems Pathway:

Data-Centric Pathway: INFSCI 1520: Information Visualization, INFSCI 1530: Data Mining, INFSCI 1540: Data Engineering, INFSCI 1550: Spatial Information, INFSCI 1560: Information Storage and Retrieval

The students can confer with their advisors and faculty mentors to select other classes for these pathways. For example, INFSCI 1440: Social Computing would also be a good choice for the data-centric pathway.