Our Community

DINS faculty and scholars explore networks, human behavior, and information from a wide array of perspectives.

Our faculty come from Engineering and Public Policy, Intelligent SystemsComputer Science, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, Physics, and Communications.  Many came to DINS from industry leaders such as Bell Labs, Singer-Link, and IBM and also from backgrounds in healthcare. 

Our students have similarly diverse backgrounds, having earned prior degrees in disciplines such as architecture, administrative justice, business, psychology, computer science, economics, and engineering. Our MST graduates include some who had an undergraduate degree in music. Many have been Fulbright scholars from abroad.

Our work on information and technology has an international perspective, as our faculty and students hail from many countries. Our alumni have come from the US, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Niger, Norway, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, China, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kosovo, Ukraine, Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and other countries.