What is the one resource that impacts every business, organization, and field of endeavor? Information.

Department of Informatics and Networked Systems (DINS) Vision and Mission


To innovate in education and research at the junction of information, networks, and human behavior towards the discovery and modeling of new social and technical phenomena


To empower humans and society through modeling and designing systems that are accountable, resilient, trustworthy, sustainable, and ethical and through synthesizing and advancing fundamental science in information, networks, and human behavior.

Those with the skills to design, build, manage, and protect the systems and networks that make information useful and accessible are indispensable. Information professionals enjoy limitless potential for exciting careers in virtually every industry─health care, law, finance, manufacturing government, higher education, and more.

We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs that balance theoretical principles with hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of information systems, from storing and retrieving information to communicating information among systems, as well as the interaction between people and information systems as well as the role of information systems and technologies in both business and society.

Here, you will have amazing opportunities to learn from faculty engaged in cutting-edge research funded by the National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, National Institutes of Health, and more. Pitt is one of the top 25 public research universities; this provides our students with access to research projects and laboratories that will develop the next generation of information technologies. We believe that research and teaching must be closely linked, so that future researchers and teachers will gain critical experience in development and research techniques. Students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs are encouraged to participate in research opportunities. Moreover, since the University is situated within a major urban area, our students have a vast array of internship and employment opportunities with major US corporations.

Our students acquire more than technical expertise; they learn how to connect people with technologies that can enhance their lives. Our goal is to educate people who are efficient on the job from day one, while providing the foundation for them to prosper professionally as their careers progress. You’ll be able to build systems and manage information using today’s technology—you’ll also have the ability to design and master the technology of the future.