Signature research and education programs study how to improve the security of information systems and networks, one of the most daunting technological and social challenges we face.

Academic programs:

Information Security specialization in the MSIS and MST programs
Networks and Security specialization in the BSIS program


LERSAIS – Laboratory for Education & Research on Security Assured Information Systems Lab

Faculty with research expertise in the security and privacy areas:

James Joshi
Prashant Krishnamurthy
Balaji Palanisamy
David Tipper

Selected Research Projects:

Building Secure Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Prashant Krishnamurthy, Associate Professor
David Tipper, Associate Professor

Prashant Krishnamurthy and David Tipper are part of a research project funded by the Army Research Office’s Multi-University Research Initiative. They are investigating how to construct robust and secure mobile ad hoc networks. “ARSENAL: A cross layer ARchitecture for SEcure resilieNt tacticAL mobile ad hoc networks” is a joint effort of 12 professors at 7 institutions: University of California, Davis; University of California, Santa Cruz; University of California, Riverside; Brigham Young University; University of Utah; University of Pittsburgh; and the Pennsylvania State University. The Army Research Office funded this innovative project for a five-year period at $6.25 million. The goal of this project is to develop a cross layer architecture that provides comprehensive security and resilience for mobile ad hoc networks. The resulting architecture will be able to adaptively provide the appropriate trade-offs between performance, security and fault-resilience.