Dr. Yu-Ru Lin is an assistant professor at the School of Computing and Information, who teaches in both the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems and the Intelligent Systems Program. Prior to working at Pitt, Dr. Lin was a postdoctoral research fellow at both Northeastern University and Harvard University.

Her research studies social and political networks, as well as computational and visualization methods for understanding network data. Her work has focused on large-scale community dynamics, high-dimensional (rich-context) social information summarization, and representation. She uses massive social media data and anonymized cellphone records to understand the collective responses with respect to political events and under exogenous shocks such as emergencies.

Recently, Dr. Lin had a paper published in Risk Analysis Journal. The paper, titled, “Tracking and Analyzing Individual Distress Following Terrorist Attacks Using Social Media Streams,” used mass quantities of social media data—collected primarily from Twitter—to analyze peoples’ responses to the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris.