The Telecommunications program offers hands-on learning opportunities in telecommunications systems, computer networks, policy and management, wireless systems, and network security so that you will find a rewarding career in industry, government, education or the nonprofit sector.

The MST program is a 37-credit program that can be completed in one year of full-time study or as many as four years of part-time study. Prerequisites for admission to the MST program include:

  • baccalaureate degree
  • computer programming experience in at least one scientific programming language
  • completion of a 3-credit course in probability
  • and a 3-credit course in calculus

The following courses are pre-requisites for a number of graduate-level Telecommunications courses. If you have not taken these, or their equivalent, you will need to do so.

  • TELCOM 2000 Introduction to Telecommunications
  • TELCOM 2200 Physical Layer of Communications 1
  • TELCOM 2300 Software Tools & Techniques

You may then select an area of specialization such as telecommunications systems, computer networks, policy and management, wireless, or security, or choose to become a telecommunications generalist.

Completion of the Master of Science in Telecommunications degree requires a minimum of 37 credits. Three credits may be in practicum (a structured supervised employment situation) or a thesis. For research-oriented students, the faculty strongly recommends a 3-credit thesis in lieu of course work.

The 37-credit minimum of course work should include the following:

  • 19 credits of required courses, including the one-credit telecommunications seminar course
  • 3 credits selected from the management/policy group
  • 15 credits of elective course work

Students may choose to take more than the 37 credits required for the MST degree. However, we are not able to extend any financial aid beyond the required number of courses; any visa issues pursuant to extended study would have to be resolved by the student.

Statute of Limitations

The Master’s Degree program must be completed within four years of the first term in which courses were taken after admission. The normal full-time course load is 9 to 12 credits per term; thus, a full-time student will complete the program in three or four terms. The normal part-time course load is 6 credits per term, which permits the part-time students to complete the program in six terms. The faculty, in response to a student petition, must approve exceptions to the four-year limit if extenuating circumstances exist.

Registration and Residence Requirements

To maintain active student status, students must register for at least 3 credits during one of the three terms of the calendar year. It is recommended, however, that part-time students register for at least 6 credits during two of the three terms of the academic year to maintain reasonable progress through the program.

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