Faculty Research Expertise
James B. D. Joshi Role based access control; XML security; secure interoperability; distributed and multimedia systems security; and systems survivability
Prashant Krishnamurthy Wireless data networks; wireless network security; and indoor radio propagation
Adam Lee Computer security, privacy, and distributed systems fields; and trust negotiation and distributed proof construction approaches to authorization
Daniel Mosse Allocation of resources (computing and network resources) in the realm of real-time; power management; security; and fault tolerance.
Balaji Palanisamy Distributed systems and privacy including big data and cloud computing
Konstantinos Pelechrinis Network science; location-based social networks; urban informatics; wireless networks systems; and wireless networks security (jamming attacks detections and prevention).
David Thaw Regulation and impact of Internet and computing technologies, with specific focus on cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime, and cyberwarfare
David Tipper Network design and traffic restoration procedures for survivable networks; network design for wireless and wired networks; and network control algorithms
Vladimir Zadorozhny Networked information systems
Taieb Znati Design and analysis of medium access control protocols to support distributed real-time systems


PhD Students

Student Research Interests
Nuray Baltaci Akhuseyinoglu Big data security; access control; and malware detection
Leila Karimi Information security; privacy; and access control
Chao Li Data privacy; location privacy; differential privacy; and block chain security and privacy
Runhua Xu Information assurance; access control; data security and privacy; and insider threats